Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday Monkeys

I am sitting on our porch overlooking the Pacific ocean on one side and the rainforest of Manuel Antonio on the other and listening to the howler monkeys call to each other. They sound like the sand people from Star Wars. It may be the best view in town. This is a strange place, where we are in the mountains, but we can hear and see the ocean waves.

We had a leisuely morning for my birthday, enjoying our hotel and the view. We headed to the park to find monkeys, only to find that we left our cash in the hotel. Not too far, and only a little frustration and we were back at it. On the way to the park, guys stand in the road with whistles and signs to convince you that they are official parking. They gave each other away as dudes trying to make a buck when they started competing for my parking dollar. However, much like Jazz Fest parking, you pay someone to park so they will not break into or vandalize your car. The park is like a wild animal park. We saw squiril monkeys not 50 feet onto the trail and toucans a bit farther down.  Soon we came on a pack of howler monkeys.  A short walk led us to the beach, where we took a dip in the surprisingly warm Pacific.  Unfortunately the waves got bigger quickly, and we nearly lost our shoes when a big set went far up the sand. I chased them down and got lucky..

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