Tuesday, June 21, 2011

On the planeiling

We just got on the plane to Europe. Much to our surprise, we turned left to the front of the plane for our seats and came face to face with a smiling flight attendant offering champagne. He escorted us to our fully reclining seats with individual live tv (hello UVA v USC baseball) and showed us how to operate the massage chair. Life as silver medallion is good today.

We just got off a week at Edisto beach with the Anderson family. Anderson beach weeks, unlike Goldston merit badge vacations, are all about maximum relaxing. Besides a couple of morning runs, we were rarely out of the house before noon. And why would we want to leave, when our nephew Orion was delighting us with his sly smile.  We swam in the ocean and pool with him in his first time in the water.  To add some action, the Watson family was also staying at the beach and invited us to share in the excitment of nine kids seven and under.  They also took us sailing and spearheaded a darn ball tournament (in which anna and I battled for the title).  All in all, it was a great week of sun and fun.  Next stop Munich!

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  1. U all have the hardest life :). Love the update! WAHOOWA!