Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cheap paper napkins

Every resteraunt in Venice uses the same tiny thin squares of what feels like cheap notebook paper for napkins.  This is especially unfortunate for Anna, who is using them to blow her nose quite frequently.  It says something about our world that a cold Jimmy caught in Equador and Anna picked up in SC is now being passed to Italians.  Fortunately, Anna feels better today.

We arrived in Munich at 2am our time, but first thing in the morning for them.  I was well rested from my little airplane bed, but Anna had gotten to enjoy the other first class amenities, since her cold kept her awake. We found the train to the main station with help from the info desk and headed off to Venice. Our trip through the Alps was spectacular, with snow capped peaks and small picturesque towns.  We booted some American college kids out of our seats (sorry sukas) and I napped off and on while Anna read. We ate in the dining car, which I do not recommend.  We arrived in Venice at 6pm.

We stepped out of the train to cool air and salty smells.  We boarded the water bus and headed off on the grand canal to our b&b.  This small, family run hotel on the side canal has an elegant dining room full of lilys and a rooftop view of Venice.  After a very long sleep, we spent today walking around the Jewish Ghetto, the first place to ever be referred to as such. We enjoyed a spritz (wine and campari) in a resteraunt overlooking the large bay surrounding the main city, and we are now back in our room changing for a gondolla ride and dinner. Bellisimo!

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