Friday, June 3, 2011

Monos, Sloths, and Toucans

The trifecta of Costa Rican animal watching.  We found them all yesterday during three hours of hiking around Manuel Antonio.  While others were shirtless in bathing suits and flipflops, we had on full adventure gear for our park experience, and it paid off.  We tracked the squirrel, white-faced Capuchin, and howler monkees, three-toed sloths, and toucans.  The howler monkees can be heard all over the park, including from our hotel room, belting out their barking growl.  The capuchins came up close to visit us, one hanging from a tree only feet away from us.  This park is like an outdoor zoo.  After wearing ourselves out thoroughly, we returned to Lester at the swim up bar in the infinity pool for some well-deserved celebratory Imperial beer.  Actually, I did that while Anna took a nap.  Then she joined me for sunset.

Anna is teaching me lots of Spanish.  Yesterday, I learned how to say, "Your rat-tail hairdo is ice cold."

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