Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I've been bobbing at the Inlet

We've been slack posting to our blog because we've been "relaxing" at Murrell's Inlet, SC.  It's tough to blog when you are bobbing.

For those not experienced in bobbing, there are a few required items: a beer, preferably in a coozie; peanuts, boiled or parched in the shell; a flotation device, such as a noodle; a line to maintain one's position against the current (unless one is moving with the current); and a natural body of water too deep to touch bottom.  One enters the water from a dock or the shore, submersing one's entire body below the surface, save the head, which is maintained above the surface the flotation device in order to consume the aforementioned beer and peanuts.  One may reman in position using a line tied to the dock or boat, or drift with the tide or current.  If the latter option is chosen, it is best to bring along shoes for the return trip over land.

Several expert bobbers joined Anna and me at King's Krest in Murrell's Inlet, SC, including Pops and Mops (my parents), Caroline and William Hartley (Jimmy was spreading the Good News in Equador), Uncle Gene, Aunt Doris B., and Bryant King, Aunt Mary C., Uncle Jim, and Catherine Sutherland, and Susie Peikert.  It was the first time in many years that I was able to bob in such esteemed company.  We also journeyed to the Waccamaw River, where we bobbed at Sandy Island.  It was a wonderful family gathering.  Thank you, Dadoo and Mamoo (my grandparents, who are now deceased).

In addition to bobbing, there was extensive boating and skiing.  The refurbished Inlet Dolphin was able to pull Caroline up on one ski.  The ScholarShip was a skiing machine, pulling Catherine up on slalom for the the first time in years, allowing Caroline and me to show off our double-ski tricks, getting Mops and Pops up on two, getting UNCLE GENE up on two for the first time in 15+ years, and training Anna to slalom for the first time.  We're still working on that one.

The highlight of the week was talent night, where the family was joined by Roosevelt and Jan and Leon Rice.  Through the evening of laughter and memories, the family shared jokes, a fashion show (Bryant hit Aunt Doris dead on), original poems, dance, and songs, and even dental work.  We ended with Roosevelt leading us in a few rounds of "Amen".

I have been coming to King's Krest since before I was born, and my mother before me, and my grandfather before her.  The venerable house has weathered hurricanes, motorcycle gangs, and generations of bobbers.  William became the 4th generation to bathe in the sink on the eating porch.  The pluff mud is in my veins, and now it is in Anna's.  The family has done a fantastic job in recent years updating and repairing the vintage 1903 home, and it has never looked better.  I hope and pray we can all come together and get creative with ways to sustain King's Krest so that 4 more generations can enjoy bobbing at the Inlet.

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